Adani 540 Watt Solar Panel Mono PERC Half Cut


Introducing the Adani 540 Watt Solar Panel Mono Perc Half Cut – Your Gateway to Sustainable Energy!

Product Specifications:

Brand Name : Adani
No. of Cells : 144 Cells
Watt : 540 W
Application : Commercial Applications, Homes & Small Shops
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) : 48.92 V
Panel Type : Monofacial PV Modules



Introducing the Adani 540 Watt Solar Panel Mono Perc Half Cut – Your Gateway to Sustainable Energy!

Are you ready to harness the power of the sun like never before?  Look no further than the Adani 540 Watt Solar Panel Mono Perc Half Cut.  This cutting-edge solar panel is designed to deliver maximum efficiency and durability while helping you reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

Special Features:

– More power per meter square compared to industry average
– Superior low light irradiation performance per meter square
– Anti PID Technology
– Made in INDIA




Warranty Certificate

BIS Certificate

IEC Certificates

IEC 61215 & 61730 (TYPE 1 & 2)

IEC 61853-1

IEC 62804-1 

Downloads from adanisolar.com


Electrical Data (STC)

Peak Power Watts-PMax(W):  540 W

Maximum Power Voltage – Vmp (V): 41.8

Maximum Power Current – Imp (A): 12.93


Mechanical Data

SOLAR CELL:   Mono PERC | MBB P-Type PERC Half-cut

CELL ORIENTATION:  144 cell (182mm cell – half-cut)

MODULE DIMENSIONS:  2266x1135x35 mm

WEIGHT:  28.8 kg



Key Features

Impressive Power Output:

With a robust 540 watts of power generation capacity, this solar panel is a powerhouse, ensuring you get the most out of every ray of sunshine.

Mono Perc Technology:

Our advanced mono perc technology guarantees higher energy conversion rates, making it one of the most efficient solar panels on the market.

Half Cut Cells:

The innovative half-cut cell design minimizes power loss due to shading or soiling, ensuring consistent performance even in less than ideal conditions.


Crafted with high-quality materials, this solar panel is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, providing you with long-lasting energy production for years to come.

Easy Installation:

Installing the Adani 540 Watt Solar Panel is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or hiring a professional installer, you’ll be up and running in no time.


By harnessing solar power, you’re not only saving money but also reducing your carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.


Product Specifications

No. of Cells: 144 Cells

Watt: 540 W

Application: Commercial Applications, Homes & Small Shops

Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 48.92 V

Panel Type: Monofacial PV Modules

Module Voltage: 42 V

Weight: 28.8 Kg

Short Circuit Current (ISC): 13.84 A

Type of Product: Solar Panel

Model No: PERC Half-Cut ASM-M10-144-AAA

Dimension: 2266x1133x35 mm

Fuse Rating: 25 A

Frame Material: Anodized Aluminum

Series: ETERNAL SHINE Series

Efficiency (%): 21%

Country of Origin: India

Protection Class: IP68

Module Height: 35 mm

Connector Type: MC4

Cable Length: .3 m

Module Width: 1135 mm

Glass Type: Class A (Safety class II)


Why Choose Adani 540 Watt Solar Panel Mono Perc Half Cut?

Our solar panel is engineered with precision and innovation, ensuring optimal performance for your residential or commercial energy needs. Here are some additional keywords and benefits to consider:

High Efficiency Solar Panel: Benefit from a higher conversion rate and maximize energy production.

Renewable Energy: Join the renewable energy revolution and play your part in combating climate change.

Cost-Effective: Save on your energy bills and enjoy a rapid return on investment.

Reliable Energy Source: Ensure a consistent power supply even during grid outages.

Low Maintenance: Minimal upkeep required, giving you peace of mind.

Solar Incentives: Take advantage of government incentives and tax credits for solar installations.

Compatible with Solar Storage: Pair with a battery storage system to store excess energy for nighttime or cloudy days.

Invest in the Adani 540 Watt Solar Panel Mono Perc Half Cut today, and experience the benefits of clean, sustainable energy while reducing your dependence on fossil fuels. Make the smart choice for your future and the planet’s well-being.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to go green and save green. Order your Adani 540 Watt Solar Panel Mono Perc Half Cut now, and start enjoying the benefits of a brighter, more sustainable future and capturing abundant natural free energy.


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