Luminous 3.5 KVA Off-Grid Solar Power System

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Luminous solar combo 3.5kva: Luminous solar off grid combo with Cruze 3.5kva inverter combo, 6 nos of 330wp panels, 4 nos 150ah battery.

Luminous Cruze Combo 3.5kva/48v is an ideal off-grid solar solution for big homes, offices, shops etc.


Package includes:

Main products –

  • Luminous Cruze 3.5 kva pure sine wave inverter x1 nos
  • Luminous Shine 48V 50A Solar retrofit x1 nos
  • Luminous 330 Wp Polycrystalline Solar Panel x6 nos
  • Luminous Solar C10 rated 150AH Tubular battery (LPTT12150H) x4 nos



Price inclusive of:

  • Main Components only (Inverter, PV Panel, Batteries)
  • Installation not included
  • transportation not included



Panel – 25 years performance warranty
Battery – 5 years*
Inverter/Retrofit – 2 years


Can run loads

Any load up to 2800 Watt in any combination including air-conditioner, refrigerator, fans, lights, TV, washing machine, motors, mixer, etc.



Currently there is no subsidy for off-grid solar systems offered by Govt of India.


Backup Time* 

Load          500 w      1000 w      1500 w        2000 w

Backup      11 hr        5.5 hr          3.85 hr        2.75 hr


Key Features

  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Solar optimization technique.
  • Saves on electricity bills.
  • Wide choice of PV modules.
  • Inbuilt reverse polarity, reverse current.
  • No risk of electrical shocks or hazards.
  • High overload handling capacity.
  • Suitable for running heavy appliances.
  • Safe for sensitive products like TV, PC, laptops.


Inverter Specifications

Brand Luminous
Charging Current 21 A
Warranty 24 months
Battery Voltage 48 V
Capacity 3500VA
Compatible For Soler Panel: Upto 2800 Wp
Voltage 100-285 V
Dimensions Cruze: 280x305x380 mm

Shine: 375x315x135 mm

Protection Overload, Short-circuit, Battery Deep Discharge Protection, & MCB Protection

Reverse polarity, reverse current, Over-voltage, Over-temperature protections

Weight Cruze: 31.9 kg

Shine: 4.5 kg

Output Waveform Sine Wave

4 reviews for Luminous 3.5 KVA Off-Grid Solar Power System

  1. bgecz

    Nice product..excellent support..

  2. sine wave ups inverter

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  3. Samual Oconnell

    wow really useful for introduction thank you.

  4. Vishwas Nerurkar

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